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2 months ago on 11 July 2014 @ 10:16pm + 2 notes


HAPPY 25th BIRTHDAY XIAN LIM @xianlimm!🎉You have achieved so much in a span of years and I couldn’t be more proud of and happier for you as a fan. Your new house is just one proof of how much you’ve been working hard and how much God has blessed you, congrats on that👏. Thank you for being one of the reasons why I am such a happy fangirl☺️. No matter what others say, always remember that we are behind you and that the Lord’s favor is upon you🙏.We love you and will support you till the end😉. Keep up the good work, keep improving, keep moving forward 👍. I pray that you that will always have good health and that more blessings and milestones will come your way. Stay happy (because I know you are hihi) andstay strong (heartstrong💙). Also, please make this world a better place by taking more selfies (preferrably at the gym lol or with Chinita 😜). Love you! 😽

[FAN ARTS] Happy 30th Birthday SAM MILBY! :)

#HappyBirthdayAngelLocsin @therealangellocsin!I pray that you will stay happy with your personal life and career. Hope more successess and milestones will come your way. Showbizlandia is blessed to have someone like you.. immensely talented, stunningly beautiful, truly inspiring and super grounded. Keep doing what you’re doing because I know greater things are up ahead of you. I love you so much!



[FAN ARTS] Happy 24th Birthday KIM CHIU!



Happy bday babe @hannabdul! 🎈🎉🎂Thanks for all the adventures. I miss spending time with you. Blowout soon kay? 😁Love you! 😘Have a good one!

Happiest bday @sammie_lieu!🎈🎉🍰Thank you for always being there to listen to my brouhahas, to comfort me when I’m lonely, to to cheer me up and encourage me when I’m down, to laugh and smile with me over silly stuff, to wishing nothing but the best for me 😊. Really happy that I’ve got someone like you, a friend that will be stick with me till the end no matter what 😉. I rarely see you upset or angry and I guess that’s one of the things that make you special. You’re always full of hope, of positivity and all things pleasant ☺. Thank you for sharing your ray of sunshine into my life ☀. Know that when you do get a bit sad or mad (if ever you do lol), I am just here.. miles away from you physically but always very close to you emotionally👭. I pray that God will guide you and bless you everywhere you do and in everything you do 🙏. Continue being the happy and bubbly person that you are. I miss youuuu and you don’t know how much I’m dying to suffocate you with my hugs 😁💖. Love you so much my dear 😘. Enjoy the desert and camels and shawarma over there kay 😛. Mwah! 💋

Happyyyy bdayyyy baby @jeraiceball! 🎂🎉🎈Warning: long and cheesy message coming up 😁. Remember that day we were in BioLab and you said hello and asked for my name? Of course you do. I’m forever thankful to God that you had the guts and sincerity to approach me. You were my first ever friend in Ateneo💙 and you definitely made my college life more memorable, more exciting and more meaningful. We don’t get to see each other everyday anymore but I am secure in our friendship and love (love as friends!😜) that what we have is for keeps. Thank you for being the best kind of friend you can who listens to my problems kahit paulit-ulit na lang minsan, one who shares jokes and showbiz musings w/ me, one who never fails to make me feel that I’m not alone in whatever I’m going through, one who is willing to offer whatever help I can get and most importantly.. one who can eat eat eat w/ me haha 😛. I can’t thank you enough for sticking it with me through thick and thin, through good times and bad, you never left and I know you never will😊. I pray that God will shower you with all things good and true in every aspect in your life 🙏- career, relationships (w/ family,friends & God🙉), health & wellness (sana ma-achieve mo na dream body mo😺), sa lahat-lahat! I hope this year will be filled w/ lots of opportunities for you to grow, to enjoy, to travel (w/ me pls lol) and to just live life the awesome way. I am just here whenever you need me or want me or miss me ☺. I love you from BEL and back and repeat that 936261723x (cause ya know how far that place is in my book). Miss you heaps, message me pag handa na yung bday blowout mo kay? 😄 Welcome to the 21s club and God bless! 😃#FriendsFOREVER #WalangIwanan

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