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[FAN ART] KimXi feat. “You and Me” by Lifehouse

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[FAN ART] KimXi feat. “Long Distance” by Brandy

Saw the two pics while browsing my files and thought I could make a fan art out of those :) 

My favorite cuties, San Chai and Dao Ming Si!


Late post: Valentines Day Fanart feat. KIMXI

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Thoughts on the KimXi TV Break-up Issue


It’s been a while since it was confirmed that the supposed Kim Chiu-Xian Lim primetime teleserye that was announced months ago will no longer push through and that Kim is out to star in a period drama along with Coco Martin, Julia Montes and Jake Cuenca called 'Ikaw Lamang'. However, the drama and pain brought by this has not died down yet and only seems to heighten as the said soap nears its playdate. Prior to the official announcement, KimXi fans were already seeking for clarification regarding the issue. The fans did everything; trending hashtags like #PlsGiveUsThePromisedKIMXISerye, etc. almost everyday and constantly tweeting questions to management people, desperately awaiting for answers. They know we were waiting in agony. Did the fans hear from them? Nope. Nobody bothered to answer all the queries, they left us hanging there and just slapped our faces with the awful truth that our hopes for a KXserye will no longer happen.

Of course, it’s natural that a lot of KX fans would be upset, myself included. Upset doesn’t even give justice to how I felt or still feel. I am so angry, frustrated, disappointed, heartbroken. We were played, cheated on and snobbed. Honestly, if they did this soap AFTER they gave us the PROMISED KimXi soap, then this show would have been most welcome for me. Coco’s not on top my list as dream leading men for Kim (apart from Xian of course) but I see that it is a good opportunity for them to do drama together. But, it’s just so untimely. KimXi’s 2nd movie, ‘Bride for Rent’, is selling like hot pancakes in the box-office, grossing over P300M as of this writing and is even a big hit internationally. So, we don’t understand why the sudden on-screen break-up has to take place after they reached a new milestone as a love team. It’s not that we want Kim and Xian to be forever boxed as a love team. I acknowledge that doing separate projects would help them grow as artists and strengthen them as individual entities. However, we feel like it’s just not yet time. I thoroughly discussed why a KX onscreen break-up shouldn’t happen yet HERE.


The main issue here really is how everything came to this point. KimXi fans became confident that a soap was coming our way because we trusted the management to fulfill their promise. I guess that was our mistake. We placed too much trust and emotionally invested in looking forward to it that when the management failed to deliver, we fell flat on our faces really hard. Ok so maybe they changed plans and they have the right to do that. Things like that really happen in the real world so it’s forgivable. But, they gave us zero warning that we should stop expecting a KX soap because it’s already goners. Another mistake was we expected them to be transparent about everything. There was no closure at all. They just pretended like they never announced anything in the first place, that there were no fans eagerly anticipating the KX soap. Even if they were well aware that fans were already going nuts about it. That’s what really pissed me off; Realizing that we are not even worth a single tweet of explanation or apology despite all our efforts and the amount of support we poured out through the years. Our views and feelings don’t matter, we are not significant enough to be heard and be attended to. And for a fan, that’s very hurtful to know that those people whom you trusted do not give a damn about what you have to say.

In light of everything, fans are now faced with a dilemma - to support the soap or not? Personally, I have decided to do the former even though it’s very very painful on my part. Apart from the betrayal, another reason why acceptance is difficult is because we kinda know that Kim would’ve preferred a different pathway also and that she was left with almost no choice. But, I understand that she did what she can. Like most fans, I am also insanely mad at what they did but I don’t have the heart to sacrifice my love for Kim for the sake of teaching DS a lesson. Kim’s name is still attached to this project and she’s the main female lead. It would have been a different story if it was just a minor role or if it was mainly an ensemble project but she is a huge part of the show. If this fails, it will negatively affect her career whether we like it or not. Most, if not all of Kim’s projects are big hits; she has no record of flops. If this soap won’t rate, her bashers will feel vindicated in their declarations that Kim is only successful if boxed within a love team or that Kim doesn’t deserve the title, 'Teleserye Princess', etc. I guess I won’t be as enthusiastic about the show as I am with the KX projects but rest assured that I will support her in this. Just Kim though, not Kim-Coco, not Kim-Jake and not gonna be all-praises for the management either.


To some extent, I also understand those fans who choose not to support this soap. They are like those citizens who refuse to participate in elections even if they like one candidate. We can’t just lambaste them and accuse them of not caring for the country or not being supportive of the candidate they feel deserves to be in office. They don’t believe in the system anymore and I respect their decision. It’s their way of proving a point and making a stand. In the same respect, those who decided to boycott the soap are also making a bold statement and are sticking to that. I believe most of them have issues with the management (DS) and not Kim, not Coco or the other cast members, not the kind of show.. just DS. They don’t want to give DS the satisfaction of getting away with everything.

We don’t have the right to condemn them and denounce them as ‘fake fans’ just because they went in a different direction. We have to accept that although we are all fans and we all love Kim and Xian, we’re not all on the same wavelength. Some love KimXi together and individually, some love KimXi but love Kim more, some love KimXi but love Xian more, some love KimXi together only, etc. Don’t be too quick to judge these people, saying they don’t love Kim enough or they are not loyal and open-minded. We have to examine where they’re coming from and why they ended up with that decision. They are fighting for something, something that matters to them.


Also, we can’t stop other people from voicing out their resentment against DS and the show. I personally poke fun at the show occasionally with all my #PeriodDrama tweets. I guess humor is my way of coping with the heartache I’m feeling. But, I try my best not to go overboard; I just make fun of the term ‘period drama’, I don’t bash Kim or Coco or whoever. Trending hashtags like #XianAtKimLamang and #KIMXILAMANG are also ok for me. These are just some of the few ways where we can express how we feel about what they did. The fans are furious and we want to show them that we don’t take things lightly and that KimXi is still very much alive and kicking. Displeased fans would grab every opportunity they can get to spite them and to declare their grievances, even though all the complaints and requests seem only to fall on deaf ears, blind eyes and cold hearts. I think the betrayal from DS really aggravated a lot of people. Others are willing to forego that for Kim’s sake but others are too hurt and too angry to just turn the other cheek and pretend they weren’t wronged. I still respect the staff as people but I don’t trust them anymore or their unit and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one. You can’t blame us for feeling this way.

Just give everyone the chance to mourn and vent out, it’s crucial for our sanity. However, passionately encouraging others to boycott the show and praying it would fail is kinda distasteful even for an exasperated fan. Do you honestly think God would answer that kind of prayer? Nobody’s forcing you to watch and support it, but please learn to respect Kim because this is still her project. Going as far as bashing Coco and others would not help either. He’s a very good actor and all; it’s just unfortunate that some people can no longer appreciate him and his possible rapport with Kim because of their rage against DS. Again, this is not mainly about him. It’s such a shame because even though the soap has a well-written material and a powerhouse cast, it will ALWAYS be a reminder of the broken promise and betrayal that we experienced.My plea is really just for every fan to try their best in understanding their fellow fan. We all have different takes and emotional standings regarding this issue but please please let’s not tear each other down. Whatever your reasons are for your choice, I hope that you only have the purest of intentions and that you’re only looking out for Kim and Xian’s well-being and not just pushing your own interests in the picture.


For now, I am just really praying that a lot of great things will come out of all this brouhaha - tons of shining moments for Kim, acting awards and recognition for Kim, career growth for Kim and Xian, for Xian to prove that he’s more than just the other half of a popular tandem, lots of opportunities for Kim and Xian to prove their detractors wrong. :) As for Xian, I am pretty sure the network already has plans for him and I heard he will be doing a teleserye soon. I will stand by Kim and Xian no matter what, together and individually and I pray that they will be successful in every project and endeavor they will do because that’s how I operate as a fan. :) Respect each other’s preferences and decisions and the situation would be a lot better.

P.S. Apart from Kim’s ‘Ikaw Lamang’, watch out for Xian’s MMK episode with Bangs Garcia and the release of his 2nd album. A 3rd KimXi film is also in the works and Kim said in an interview recently that she will do teleserye with Xian after their separate projects so yehey! :)


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[FANART] KimXi feat. One Direction’s “Strong”

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