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This is my dog Renny. He’s a pure breed border collie and his story is horrible. My family and I adopted him when he was 5 years old and he’s only been with us for 9 months and he’s changed so much. He is a rescue dog. When he was a puppy he was thrown off the back of a truck and left on the side of the road. He was given to a wonderful place in Estacada, Oregon that takes in Border Collies. He was then adopted out to a supposedly wonderful family but a year later was given back because he bit the two teenage girls of the family.

His front leg was broken and healed funky so it looks all funny. He has scars covering his head and he’s scared of EVERYONE, even me. We think that the family really hurt him but now he is in a loving home. He’s a great dog and he’s just now starting to warm up to me.

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Team Philippines wins The Amazing Race Asia 4

For the very first time, a team from the Philippines finished first on The Amazing Race Asia! Team Philippines and bestfriends Richard Hardin, a 34-year old basketball player and Richard Herrera, a 31-year old model aka The Riches emerged as winners of the recently concluded The Amazing Race Asia 4!The Riches, who are both Filipino-Americans representing the Philippines, took home a cash prize of $100,000 (close to P4.5million).


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In 4 months, I’ll know where I’ll study. /:)


LOL. Ateneo is still awesome.

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The Ateneo Video Open, now on its twelfth year, is an annual nationwide film competition open to collegiate-level filmmakers. It is organized by the Loyola Film Circle, the Ateneo de Manila University’s premiere film organization.

If you are a filmmaker and are interested, please visit for more information.

The Categories are:
a. Experimental – no more than 15 min in length 
b. Music Video – For any original song by a local artist/band (with proper permission) of no more than 7 minutes 
c. Documentary – Of any subject, no more than 25 min. in length 
d. Short Narrative – Of any subject or theme (adaptations with proper permission is also accepted), no more than 25 min. in length. 


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— A Year Without Rain Covers

my favorites are the first row second column one and the fourth row second column. WHOEVER MADE THEM DID A GREAT JOB!

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another “project” of ours that i made. Take it all - hillsong


Take take take it all!

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i know you posted that it possibly is boo.. but if you watch toystory3 and listen to her dialogue.. this is how it goes :) i was convinced.

boo playing with kitty & sunflower

kitty: boo

sunflower: ahhh

kitty: oh no, what’s wrong?

sunflower: you scared me.

anyone else catch that in the movie?

I didn’t notice this.

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